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Common Questions

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

How long does each therapy session take?

I don't see what I'm struggling with on the list, can I still work with you?

 I do not offer sliding scale directly but I am a member of Open Path. A program that provides reduced cost counselling for those who need it. Open Path can also connect you to other reduced cost counselling services in the area as well if I am not available. 

Each therapy session will take 50 minutes. The first session will include going over the consent forms and discussing your goals for future sessions.  Following sessions will focus on working through the goals you came up with in the initial session.

The areas of expertise listed on the website aren't my only areas of knowledge. Those listed are areas that I have spent more time developing due to experience. If you are uncertain if we will be a good fit, I have a free 15 minute consultation session where we can discuss your concerns. If you or I feel as though we won't be a good match, I will direct you to other resources. 

What should I expect?

Starting therapy can be nerve-wracking . The main thing to keep in mind is that you are the expert of your own experience. This means that therapy is what you make of it. Some people start a session with no concrete topic in mind, some have a set objective. Some attend therapy to sort out their thoughts and feelings, while others attend sessions to build specific skills and tools. I work with my clients to create an environment that works for them.

Is it only online?

No, my sessions are online and In-Person. I provide online sessions Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. I provide In-Person sessions Tuesday from 9am-5pm at Drive Counselling Group on Commercial Drive.

What does Adlerian and Feminist Theory mean?

If you look at any therapist's website you'll see many references to "theories". Every therapist has at least one core theory they base their approach around. My two core theories are Adlerian and Feminist theory. 

Adlerian theory is a future focused therapy that focuses on the power for an individual to change while also emphasizing the importance of community and family influence when it comes to mental health. Feminist theory is an integrative approach that acknowledges the impact cultural pressures, societal pressures, and historical discrimination have on wellness. Not just for women, every gender & identity is influenced by these pressures, albeit in different ways.

This means that for me, mental health and wellness are influenced by the people and community around us. In good and bad ways. Community, family, and supports can lift us up when we need it most. It also means that when there is conflict within our connections, it can influence our mental wellbeing and make it hard to heal. 


Periodically updated resources related to mental health

Open Path: Affordable low cost counselling collective

Psychology Today: Online directory to find therapists in your area

Adlerian Theory: A summary on the foundations of Adlerian Theory

BC211: Online directory for social services around the Lower Mainland

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